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2012 Puget Sound Open Competition Results


Division Place Name Entry
  1 Ross Smoker Brant  
  2 Tom Newell Brant  
  3 Brad Forgey Brant  
Open Puddler
  1 Larry Harbaugh Blackduck  
  2 Luke Costilow Mallard Drake
  3 Doug Muldowney Wigeon Drake
Open Diver
  1 David Luoma Canvasback Drake
  2 Luke Costilow Redhead Hen
  3 Gary Hanson Bluebill Drake
  1 Ross Smoker Seagull  
  2 Ross Smoker Seagull  
  3 David Luoma Cormorant  
  1 Jim Hansel Barrow's Goldeneye Drake
Washington State Ducks Unlimited
  1 Gary Hanson Pintail Drake
  2 Kurt Benson Pintail Drake
  3 Doug Muldowney Pintail Drake
  1 Drew Hanson Redhead Drake
  2 Roger Elton Bufflehead Drake
  3 Paul Anderson Mallard Drake
  1 Kody Hansen Goldeneye Drake
  2 James Robison Bufflehead Hen
  3 Ed Yeates Bufflehead Drake